Beach Bar

The Beach Life

La Scala beach bar's main concept was to recreate the atmosphere of life aboard a luxurious yacht on the beach, a chic and stylish proposal of spending a relaxing day under the sun accompanied by the glimmering sparkle of champagne and the exotic nonchalance that only the extravagant shisha pipes can provide. Welcome to Thassos' opulent beach life, and welcome to the La Scalabeach bar.

Cocktails & Food

Classics, signature blends, and champagne cocktails created by experienced mixologists are served to your comfortable sunbed, as an aperitif to your table, or at the end of your meal to cleanse your palate! If you can't decide, just describe the ideal ingredients for your cocktail and there you have it: a La Scala cocktail made just for you, your new summer best friend!
Unless you enjoy the tastes of La Scala, there is no better way to spend a day at the beach. The beach menu suggests light bites that complement the affluent La Scala lifestyle. Delectable sandwiches, salads, and Beef Corner selections, as well as coffees, fresh juices, and cocktails, will keep you satisfied on the comfortable loungers for hours of relaxation and diving in crystalline waters!


You are in the Shisha Lounge with colorful bouffs, nonchalant atmosphere, views of the sea and a delightful smell of tobacco. Shisha's La Scala experience has its own sui generis properties; our selected tobacco is of the highest standard and is genuinely wholesome. Choose between different flavors in the Shisha Flavors menu to add a smooth twist to your shisha experience.
© 2023 La Scala Beach. Created by  LOUKAS KOUROS
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