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Restaurant & Greek Food

Greek cuisine is one of the best in the whole world and you can taste it at its best here at La Scala Beach Restaurant! Our menu can satisfy the most demanding ones with a variety of greek specialities such us fresh octopus to tasteful pasta and risotto.
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Relax with amazing
coctails & FOOD


A Summer Feast Perfect

Join us in the edible La Scala adventure, where all plates are a tribute to the delicious treasures of the sea. Join us at some of the most elite restaurants in the world. Join us at the forefront of gastronomy, where food is transcendered into an object of art and food. You won't want to leave, just join us at the restaurant.
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Relax with amazing
coctails & FOOD



Did you think shisha smoking in La Scala ended here? Consider it again and request that some champagne be poured into your shisha pot. You can smoke Shisha at any time and ask our service to bring it to your sunbed or table to round out your meal in a more exotic way. Enter the lulling calmness of the La Scala Shisha Lounge by immersing yourself in the fragrant puffs of Shisha.
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